About us

xOpsys is a gaming community founded in 2019, a community that is based on quality, namely the quality of Rust servers from Romania. We have all noticed that few servers in Romania that are popular are also high quality. Well, we are trying to bring something unique and high quality to Romania.

The community provides players who will join our community and to the server with a unique and worthwhile experience. We have strong dedicated servers and well-made scripts, which prevent attacks of any kind, as well as lag on the server.

Why us?

No Lag

We have powerfull processor that prevent any lag, even when the server is full.

DDoS Protection

Our server has a strong DDoS protection that resists attacks of 2 Tb/s, thus preventing the appearance of high ping of players.

Best Scripting

Our server has professional and unique scripts that give a unique and beautiful gameplay to players who want to play here.



Become a partner too

Because we want to meet people and we want to offer and receive services, we have chosen that partnership applications always remain open. If you are interested, you can click on the button below to send us an email and better describe what you can offer and how you can help us, so that we can help you too.

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