Read the server regulation in the window below

Hacking & Cheats

Hacking of any kind is strictly forbidden.
If you find that a player has a hack, feel free to complain to them on the site.

Spam or AD

It is strictly forbidden to spam the chat.
It is strictly forbidden to advertise on the server.

Respects Staff & Players

Any offense brought to the server staff, or to a player, may lead to ban.
It is just a game. No one is above anybody.


Doxing is the act of releasing the personal information of another player.
This can include any real life information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
Players found to be doing this will be evaluated as to the severity, but ultimately, offenses of this nature are grounds for an immediate ban.

Rank abuse

Moderators and Admins are here to help, not to abuse, so you can make a complaint on the site, if you think one of our Moderators or Admins is abusing.


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